ebbc_logowcircleWe meet meet the first, second, fourth and fifth Thursday of each month at Elliott Bay Brewing Company, 12537  Lake City Way NE (206-365-2337).  Order off the menu, (did you figure out that they serve beer?) and you are billed individually. The GREAT speakers that are at our club…..  that’s free.  The good feeling that you get from helping your community and the world…..  that all depends on how much you want to put into it.  THE FUN that you get….  well that’s FREE!!!!

Third Thursdays: “LET’S GET DIRTY”

1746_1The theme of our Rotary Club this year is to “Get Dirty”  That is roll up our shirt sleaves and get dirty giving back to the community.  Our next “get dirty” project is volunteering at the Lake City North Helpline. We will be “Getting Dirty” at North Helpline from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. the third Thursday of the month. To volunteer with the food bank everyone MUST complete an application prior to volunteering.  The link is here.  Just press the red button “Volunteer Info and Application”.  North Helpline needs a head-count before our arrival every week. If you want to volunteer at North Helpline or would like some more information about our club please send either our President Jennifer Sehlin @ jsehlin@grlg.net or Joel Calvert @ joelcalvert@allstate.com an email.

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