Get ready for a Darling meeting this Thursday

m800096778We’re excited to welcome our District Governor, Bo Darling, at this week’s club meeting. Bo is tired of the usual District Governor’s presentation, so he promises we’ll have a very different and more interesting District Gov presentation this Thursday. It’s certain to be Darling!

Born in Houston, TX, Bo actually grew up in New York City. His college career included both Yale University (Industrial Administration) and Oklahoma State University (Mechanical Engineering).  Bo was with the Linde/Praxair Division of Union Carbide, in the integrated steel and chemical arenas., for 37 years.

After spending many years racing sailboats, he met Patti, who was on the Unlimited Hydroplane Medical Team.  Impressed by both, they married and he joined the Organization.

Bo and Patricia are members of the Rotary Club of Mercer Island Club, where he has served as President, Vice President and multi-year Director of the annual Half-marathon, the Club’s major fund-raiser.

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