President Jim announces his 2016-2017 goals for Seattle NE Rotary Tortilla Year

FullSizeRender (1)

El Presidente Jim with retired NBA Star James Donaldson, another man of stature, at this week’s club meeting

At the Club Assembly meeting on Thursday, July 28, President Jim Yragui announced his ambitious Seattle NE Rotary Club goals and our new annual theme: Wrap Yourself in Rotary. So in this Tortilla Year for Rotary, here is Prez Jim’s alliterative list of goals:

  • More Focus on Lake City
    • More involvement in local Lake City projects and meetings
    • More Grants
    • Local Service Hours
  • More Friends – Target 20 new members for the year
    • Inspire prospects we meet while on community projects
    • Like the TEETH of the Rotary Wheel — our members surround and empower you
    • “Wrap Yourself in Rotary” Rotary Wraps you with Friends, Fun and Fudns
    • When Rotary Wheel turns, your gift turns…into a gift six times bigger
    • ALWAYS BE ASKING. Practice elevator statements
    • Rotary at work T-Shirts
  • More Fun
    • Weekly stories uploaded to Facebook.
    • Weekly photos uploaded to Facebook
    • Monthly R.O.A.M. for Ideas — Rotarians on a Mission – min 3 on a community project.
    • Quarterly Assembly with Awards, Shout-Out for Paul Harris Progress
    • Reduce meeting attendance to minimum 2 per month if you also ROAM every month
    • Don’t Drop the Ball – make a promise, keep a promise, and the rights of RINOS
    • Social Media position
  • More Funds
    • Monthly numbers for fundraising, use of funds
    • Simplify/Automate dues and contributions
    • Simplify grant, project and budget presentation
    • Set up at least two matching grant proposals

If we achieve each of these goals — Focus, Friends, Fun, and Funds — we will proudly earn four “F’s” as our 2016-2017 Rotary Wrap grade! However, you can never fail with Rotary. Three aclamaciones to El Presidente!

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